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Florida MEP Continuous Improvement Management Team

The Continuous Improvement Management Team (CIMT) consists of select State Educational Agency (SEA) and Local Educational Agency (LEA) migrant educators. The CIMT is tasked with reviewing all aspects of the Florida Migrant Education Program’s ongoing efforts to improve the services provided to migrant children in the state, to include the Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA), Service Delivery Plan (SDP) and the program evaluation. The CIMT will build on the work of the statewide evaluation work group by obtaining detailed feedback from a sampling of districts on the efficacy of key aspects of program planning, monitoring and evaluation instruments.

The Florida MEP has been making steady progress on the development of their statewide data-driven growth targets and reporting systems. The CIMT will help to determine whether all of the systems related to program improvement and evaluation are in sync and assisting district-level MEPs with developing services that have reliably positive outcomes.

The principal objectives of the CIMT include:

  • Select a sampling of districts to review whether there is evidence of the use of implementation and evaluation methods and processes that are directly tied to data-driven decision-making and program improvement that results in growth towards targets set forth in the SDP.
  • Analyze sample districts’ documentation related to the planning-implementation-evaluation cycle that drives their service delivery and determine the degree to which it aligns with the SDP MPOs. Make recommendations on how to improve state and district-level processes based on results of analysis.
  • Obtain feedback from sample districts on the efficacy of key features of the state planning, monitoring and evaluation instruments.
  • Identify both “lessons learned” and “promising practices” in data-driven continuous improvement in sample districts. Summarize and disseminate findings to migrant educators throughout the state.

Below are several documents, available for download, related to the work the CIMT has carried out. New information and materials will be added as the work continues.

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