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Florida Department of Education - Monitoring Toolkits

The Education Department General Administrative Regulations (EDGAR) at 34 CFR 80.40(a) requires the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) to monitor subgrant activities, “to assure compliance with applicable Federal requirements and that performance goals are being achieved.” Section 1008.32, Florida Statutes, addresses the responsibility of the State Board of Education for oversight and enforcement relative to compliance.

The Monitoring Preparation Toolkit is designed to assist local educational agencies (LEAs):

  • Understand expectations of monitoring
  • Prepare for an onsite/desktop monitoring visit
  • Demonstrate compliance

The Monitoring Preparation Toolkit are available for the following Federal Programs/Titles:

Title I, Part A (revised 10-16-15) posted 11-17-15

Title I, Part C (Migrant) posted 9-10-15

Title I, Part D (Delinquent & Neglect)

Title VI, Part B posted 9-10-15

Title X, Part C (Homeless) posted 9-10-15

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