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"Welcome Back" - Hillsborough County MEP Event

Earlier this month, the ID&R Office attended a community event hosted by the Hillsborough County Migrant Education Program (MEP). The event, held on December 3rd, was a “Welcome Back” for the migrant families in the district, and provided an opportunity for families to become familiar with the Hillsborough MEP central office in Plant City, FL.

The Hillsborough MEP staff also took this opportunity to interact with the families in an informal way.

Families who attended the event met and gathered information from various other community services providers in Hillsborough. The services provider booths served to inform families about their programs and all the services they could provide. By far, the most popular location was the Hillsborough MEP Identification Card table. The Hillsborough MEP issued 170 MEP photo identification cards for parents and guardians of current migrant students. The MEP cards will assist families to inform other MEP programs that they are current migrant families as they travel to other states. In addition, the Literacy Circle was a huge hit; over 300 books were distributed to children. All the participants stopped at each booth before proceeding to the donation room where families had an opportunity to choose from donations the Hillsborough MEP received from various donors.

The Hillsborough MEP invited all current migrant families, and they were encouraged to invite their friends and neighbors, which many did. The Florida Migrant Education Program (FL MEP) State Director, Carol Gagliano, and her staff traveled from Tallahassee to make a special appearance at the event. Jeff Eakins, Title I Director for Hillsborough County Public Schools, and other district administrators attended the event. In addition, the coordinator and staff from the neighboring Polk MEP and staff from the state Identification & Recruitment Office were also present. Over 600 people attended the “Welcome Back” event, including 30 new families that were recruited that day.

The event was a huge success as evidenced by the amount of items that were donated. Families expressed their appreciation for the time and commitment from the Hillsborough MEP. A similar event is in the planning stages for the south side of the district.

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