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State MEP Resources

Florida Migrant Education Program

The State MEP has participated in numerous training events and meetings. Below is a list of current downloadable materials relevant to the program. Please contact Dr. Dinh Nguyen, Director, Migrant Education Program at 850-245-0811 for more information.


2016 FMEP Implementation Strategies Meeting

The State Migrant Education Program conducted an Implementation Strategies Meeting (ISM) on September 27-28, 2016 in Tallahassee to disseminate updates and provide guidance on a number of critical areas such as high school requirements, interstate programming, resources, data reporting, identification and recruitment, and preschool initiative. Florida Department of Education staff from other federal programs were also on hand to facilitate a networking session.

Click here to access the 2016 FMEP Implementation Strategies Meeting Documents.


FMEP CNA - SDP - Evaluation Documents

The continuous improvement cycle includes the comprehensive needs assessment (CNA), service delivery plan (SDP), and Evaluation processes. We have added the 2015-16 documents. These are ready to be downloaded. The 2014-15 and 2013-14 documents are still available on the Archived State Materials webpage.

Click here to access the FMEP District continuous improvement cycle documents including the self-evaluation report documents.


Florida Department of Education Monitoring Toolkits

Click here to access the Florida Department of Education Monitoring Toolkits.


Migrant 101

As part of the district MEP’s role to raise school staff awareness of the Migrant Education Program (MEP) and needs of migrant students, below is a “Migrant 101” PowerPoint Presentation. It includes an overview and key information regarding Title I, Part C Migrant Education Program and migrant students. Feel free to modify this PPT as you see fit. For example, you may customize the PPT by adding district-level activities and information to meet your needs for presentations to school staff as well as community agencies and collaborative partners.

"Migrant 101" PowerPoint Presentation


The State MEP is pleased to offer a list of useful resources every local program will want.

The list contains the web address for information on Federal regulations, Office of Migrant Education guidance, State documents such as technical assistance papers on Priority for Services, and much more valuable information. Now you can bookmark easily these important web links.

Key Florida Migrant Education Program Resources - Revised September 2015



The MEP reasonable, allowable, necessary assessment (RAN) outlines the items that may purchased with Title I, Part C funds. The document was last revised on 4-28-15.


2015 New Coordinator Forum

We are pleased to provide a links to the presentations that were shared with the new coordinators during the new coordinator webinars.

Webinar II - Presented on September 9, 2015

Webinar I - Presented on June 18, 2015


Spring 2015 FASFEPA - Title I, Part C Project Application Session - posted 5/18/15

The following materials were presented in the Title I, Part C Project Application session offered at the FASFEPA event on May 4-5, 2015 in Orlando, Florida.
Please contact the State MEP Office if you have questions regarding these documents.

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