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Our Mission

The Florida Identification & Recruitment Office (ID&R Office) works directly with the Florida Migrant Education Program (FMEP) at the state Department of Education to disseminate current and accurate MEP guidance, to ensure the proper training of FMEP staff throughout the state, and to assist with determinations in the area of ID&R.


Summer 2017 e-Letter

So What's New?

Topics include:

  1. New Policy Guidance Effective July 1, 2017
  2. 2017-18 COEs disseminated to districts
  3. Training Webinars and Materials on New Regulations and Completion of New COEs,
    All Recruiters Must be Trained prior to Completing 2017-18 COE
  4. Re-interviews for 2016-17 reporting period
  5. Recertification of 2016-17 (and prior years) COEs
  6. Training on the use of the OSY Student Learning Plan
  7. Submit COEs and OSY Profiles by the 5th of every month
  8. 2017 National ID&R Forum - September 19-21, 2017

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Changes to MEP Guidance

The ID&R Office has recorded a training webinar series regarding eligibility and COE completion. Topics inlude:
  • Review of the Changes to the Non-Regulatory Guidance. This webinar presents an overview of the new and revised definitions affecting the MEP.
  • Completing the Certificate of Eligibility - Sections I, II, IV, V, VI. This webinar includes an overview of how to complete the COE in terms of family and child data, comments, and both interviewee and program signatures.
  • Completing the Certificate of Eligibility - Section III. The webinar reviews the "qualifying moves and work" section of the COE.

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