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Hendry County Migrant Summer School Outreach Program Gets a Visit from Well Known Artist

Man standing in front of an easel and writing on flip chart paper

Hendry County Migrant students were privileged to have artist Simon Silva as a guest during our migrant summer school outreach program. Simon worked with students for four days. The students were challenged to think outside the box and change their way of thinking - a box can be turned into anything you desire. This customized, engaging, and interactive workshop offered students tools to help them become critical thinkers, life-long learners, and confident leaders. Lessons fostered understanding of a variety of experiences and encouraged curiosity while building critical skills such as risk taking, self-respect, and inspiration.

In fact, Silva said he grew up, like many of Hendry County’s children in a farm working family, with a tremendous lack of self-esteem. “At a certain point, I realized my lifestyle wasn’t normal.” Simon Silva helped our students to see that their lives are not much different now than his was those years ago. Through his paintings and writings, he was determined to make a powerful situation out of what he had been ashamed of. He showed our students that everyone can be someone important and no one should ever say they cannot! Students at the summer program were excited about all the ideas they were taking away from the program as well as the author/illustrator/speaker/creative problem solver (artist) – Simon Silva.

For more information about the visit from Simon Silva and the Hendry County Summer School Outreach Program, please contact Barbara Mundy, Administrator of Federal Programs at -


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