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FMEP CNA - SDP - Evaluation Documents

The Florida Migrant Education Program (FMEP) conducted a Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) in spring 2017. The CNA process was informed by needs assessment guidance provided by the U.S. Department of Education Office of Migrant Education. Broadly, such guidance requires a consultative process that includes the input of both stakeholders and subject matter experts into the needs and possible solutions for eligible migrant youth and families. It also requires that the process be informed by an examination of existing and, where necessary, new data about the migrant youth served by the MEP.

Service delivery planning is intended to emerge from the priorities identified in the CNA to provide a framework for the FMEP, building on existing programs while making modifications, expansions, and deletions to meet the evolving needs of eligible migrant students and families in Florida. The Florida Service Delivery Plan (SDP) Committee met in November 2017 to review the SDP process, the MEP structure in Florida, and the 2017 CNA. Participants were asked to focus on key components of the SDP (State Performance Targets, Measurable Program Outcomes, and Service Delivery Strategies) and to work toward developing statewide program strategies for the MEP.

The revised SDP was completed in June 2018.

Statewide Evaluation Reports

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