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"Consulado Movil": A Coordination Opportunity with the Mexican Consulate


Please consider sharing this information with your families when appropriate.

One of the many services offered by the Mexican Consulates, the "Consulado Movil" has the objective of providing access to consulate services to communities where Mexican nationals reside.

The purposes of the Consulado Movil include:

  • Assess the condition and needs of Mexicans living in the area
  • Provide consulate services
  • Identify possible protection cases
  • Promote activities from the Institute of Mexicans Living Abroad (Instituto de los Mexicanos en el Exterior)
  • Promote "Programa Paisano"
  • Maintain a dialog with local community leaders

Many districts have worked with their respective Consulate office to coordinate the Consuldo Movil's visits with program recruitment efforts and/or migrant family and youth service fairs.

Consulado General de Mexico en Orlando

Consulado General de Mexico en Miami

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