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Preschool Initiative - Florida Pre-K Task Force

The Florida Pre-K Task Force (TF) consists of educators from local Migrant Education Programs (MEP), the State Education Agency (SEA), and other key subject matter experts. The TF is charged with reviewing and recommending procedures and strategies to improve instructional services to preschool migrant students and to increase parental involvement in preparing preschool migrant students for school.

The Pre-K TF efforts are guided by the project goals of the Preschool Initiative (PI) Consortium of which Florida is a member state. The (PI) is funded through a Consortium Incentive Grant (CIG) from the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Migrant Education (OME).

Link to the PI CIG website - Preschool Initiative

PI member states: Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Pennsylvania (lead state), Maine, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington
Partner states: Indiana, Montana, Alaska, and Hawaii

The goals of the PI are to:

  • Expand the capacity of state and local MEPs to serve migrant Pre-K children by increasing and improving communication, supporting inter/intrastate coordination, fostering collaboration among all partners, and identifying and developing high quality resources that can be used beyond the term of the consortium.
  • Ensure that more services are provided to migrant 3-5 year-old children and that these children demonstrate substantial and measurable educational gains by amending program practices and policies, improving the quality of Pre-K services, and building capacity of parents to be able to sustain practices in the home and advocate for preschool services as they travel.
  • Disseminate evidence-based promising practices developed by PI to the national MEP community and other communities.


The Migrant Parent Preschool Checklist brochure was created by the Florida Pre-K Task Force for migrant parents to help them make informed decisions regarding preschool services. Districts are encouraged to share these with their migrant parents and assist them in learning how to best use this resource and become strong advocates for their children's education. Instruction on how to use the checklist could be part of a home visit, MEP event, or MPAC meeting. (posted 1-25-17)


Below are several documents, available for download, related to work the Pre-K TF has carried out. New information and materials will be added as efforts continue.

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