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Training and Guidance from the ID&R Office

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Resource materials are current as of August 2021. If you are unable to locate a particular resource file, please contact our office.


The ID&R Office has developed training webinars on topics that are relevant for recruiters, data entry specialists, and/or COE reviewers. Below are links to each webinar and supporting materials.

In order to confirm participation in each training, districts should send the full name and title of every MEP staff member who completes each training and the date the training was completed to the ID&R Office via email.

Understanding Eligibility Using Scenarios - Part II (Training Module - YouTube format) - July 2021

New Florida Identification & Recruitment Guidance: Continued Eligibility (Training Module - YouTube format) - May 2021

Florida's Re-interview Documentation (Training Module - YouTube format) - January 2021

Understanding Eligibility Using Scenarios (Training Module - YouTube format) - October 2020 (Assessment Review posted December 2020)

Florida MEP COVID-19 COE Completion Protocol (Training Module - YouTube format) - April 2020 NOTE - The FMEP COVID-19 COE Completion Protocol was revised on September 28, 2020. The revised document may be found on this webpage under the "ID&R - COVID-19" header.

ID&R -
Materials focused on procedures that deal with locating and contacting a family or youth in order to ascertain a child’s eligibility for the MEP.

The 2019 Novel Coronavirus pandemic has impacted migrant program identification and recruitment (ID&R) efforts throughout Florida. To address the challenges imposed on ID&R by the pandemic, the Florida Migrant Education Program and the ID&R Office have developed a special Certificate of Eligibility (COE) Completion protocol that allows the COE to be completed via phone or video interview. This will let recruiters continue their work while maintaining their own safety as well as the safety of our migrant families. Every person completing the COE must follow the COVID-19 COE Protocol as outlined in the document.

Re-Interview -
The purpose of the re-interview process is to verify that a proper and timely eligibility determination of a student and/or out-of-school youth was made based on the Florida Migrant Education Program regulations and guidance. NOTE - The 2021-2022 Re-interview protocol, re-interview form, and re-interview reporting form are effective September 1, 2021.

ID&R Resources -
Information to enhance ID&R efforts.

Qualifying Activity -
Chart that identifies qualifying activities for each district in Florida.

Out-of-School Youth -
Materials focused on identifying, recruiting, and assessing the specific needs of OSY.

The OSY Profile has been translated into Spanish and Haitian Creole. These translations are intended as tools recruiters and advocates can use with OSY to convey why the MEP is interested in capturing their information. The form must continue to be completed in English only.

Archived Material

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