It has a Hook Keeper and Winding Check as well. (6) Graphite. The Stripper Guide is T1 Titanium Plated S.S. with Ceramic Insert. Testing fly rods in Central Oregon. THAT IS LIGHT The blanks have re-enforced ferrules built in, as well as plugs for the male ends. Wire guides are available in both traditional double foot, commonly known as snake guides, and single foot styles. Tip Top and a Line Keeper. It is … This is a 4 piece, 6 foot 6 inch rod, rated as a 1/2 wt. They come in various flex rates from, slow to medium-fast. line. Scary good, that's how I'll describe this tea, or should I say, “cup o noodles”. It is light in weight. THE ROD COMES WITH 2 TIPS. Six 6 weights are a good all-round rod for those that lakes, impoundments and bigger rivers. Fly Rod Materials For years, fly fishing rods were made of fibreglass though more recent ones have switched almost entirely to graphite-based composition. It is rated at a 4 wt. // -->