But, as this is one of the fastest growing industries out there and careers are in demand, it can be extremely difficult to get a job. To make it in this line of work you also need to have a pleasant disposition as the roles in this sector require constant interaction, while you should have excellent organisational and teamwork skills. As technology progresses and takes over the world, engineering professionals become essential as they help the world evolve. Creative arts don’t just include fine art and fashion, but rather they have expanded to include different professions which require a sense of creativity. Professionals who choose this route can work for … The Percent Distribution. The .gov means it's official. I did spend a year in the private sector but couldn't get further than cubical call centre drone despite years of experience in network support at that point. You should also be able to work effectively on your own and be proactive. The first part, the Career Interests Test, is designed to help you identify the industry you are best suited to. To that extent, it is still nascent and needs a professionally-trained workforce to firm up its contours. Many roles within the wine and spirits industry require you to be a self-starter who can work day-to-day autonomously but also together as a wider team. If you are interested in a career in law enforcement you should know that the starting salary for police constables is £19,000 to £22,000. This sector includes roles such as cooks, conference centre managers and museum curators. Being able to follow rules is also crucial as you’ll be expected to maintain order at all times. Government wage and salary workers are excluded. What can be especially helpful in your job search is a strong portfolio so make sure you build a website with a sample of your work. An immensely multidisciplinary industry, media includes areas such as filmmaking, scriptwriting, advertising and journalism. To help people avoid getting hurt you should also have a deep understanding of the human body. Industrial chemists work to develop and manufacture products and processes that will increase their company’s sales and profits. But, with enough experience, you’ll be able to quickly get a salary increase. University qualifications are not essential for this sector, although you may need to sit through tests. https:// ensures that you are connecting to the official website and that any Although work duties and responsibilities vary depending on the area of engineering you are employed in, what binds this sector together is the ingenuity that distinguishes people in it. Although there is a shortage of skilled individuals, it’s important to acknowledge the fact that this industry does not pay as well as it should. Academic careers will vary, depending on the size of an institution, but in an academic research career, most professionals have some version of the following broad responsibilities: 1. Footnotes:   1 Employment data for wage and salary workers are from the BLS Current Employment Statistics survey, which counts jobs, whereas self-employed and agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting are from the Current Population Survey (household survey), which counts workers. As a field, education is highly varied and this means that salaries are extremely varied as well. Manufacturing employs 8.7% of the population in the USA and accounts for almost 11% of Canada’s GDP. Information technology ranked highest at 3.44. Skills such as an excellent sense of humour and an energetic presence will also go a long way in helping students love you, but to teach one also needs qualifications. 9. Although there are industries that have a lot more high paying jobs, these industries offer stability and great rewards so if you have a thing for numbers you should definitely pursue a career in any one of these sectors. Business folks grabbed the top spot, with 16,480 employers who posted at least one job listing. Some of the fastest growing industries in the job market, business and management are now expanding into other professional sectors as well. No matter which career path you choose in this industry you should know that you’d be expected to work on site for a large part of your day, whether that’s to survey the work that’s been done, or to actually instruct how the work should be done. Depending on the role you are interested in pursuing different skills and qualifications will be required. A nurse, for example, can start at £28,000 and reach £40,000, while a dentist starts at £30,000 and can eaen more than £100,000. Let us discuss some important aspects on how industries really work. The entry level salary is £19,000-£25,000. Wasn't my intention to work specifically in education but that's how it worked out. Becoming a chartered accountant, for example, requires quite some effort and a lot of reading, but it can do wonders for your career. Here is how you know. In some companies, there is a dedicated industry analyst who will work in the assigned industry and provide the analysis. You should also note that a lot of the roles in this industry involve shift-work, as well as work on weekends, which can make your social life difficult. Do Marijuana Industry Certifications Really Matter? If you are hoping to make a name for yourself in the banking world you may want to look into career opportunities in some of the country’s biggest banks, such as Barclays, HSBC and Lloyd’s. Arts, Entertainment, Sports and Recreation. As this is an extremely broad sector that encompasses each and every aspect of patient care, there’s no single salary to discuss. An example of how to best answer this question for experienced candidates: Federal government websites often end in .gov or .mil. How to do Industry Analysis? What’s important is that you have the appetite for such a role as most of these professions include a risk factor, and require people to be fearless. It is an extremely high-paying line of work, but you should be warned that competition is also extremely fierce. Also, entry-level positions generally involve part-time work which might make a liveable salary almost impossible. Transport Industry. It’s also important to remember that most work in this sector is extremely stressful and emotionally draining. Teaching courses 5. A sector with an increasing number of opportunities, social work could be ideal if you love giving back and helping others. Individuals are required to be very confident and resourceful when it comes to applying for jobs, while putting your achievements in the spotlight will go a long way in helping you get the job you are after. Selecting an industry that matches your interests can be crucial to your professional happiness. Apart from the thousands of SMEs that look for graduates in these sectors in the UK, there are also many large firms you should look into. Roles in this industry also include educational psychologists and learning mentor, so what binds this sector together is that you need to be passionate about helping others reach their full potential. It covers electricity … Getting a job as a student might be a good idea as it will allow you to put your skills to test, while you’ll also be able to use it on your CV as previous work experience which will go a long way in helping you get a job after graduation. Environment and agriculture. Although they may seem the same, the terms industry and sector have slightly different meanings.