He had been recruited by CIA Director Thomas Weir and had left the Soviet Union in 1990. They both come from North Carolina. Alex also has aunts who come to visit him and his grandmother. The two have great respect for each other and care for one another as well. FANDOM. He is a model father and quite empathetic in dealing with the public. After handling a case where he convinces a woman who had shot her husband in self-defense to not commit suicide and come in for questioning, Alex is informed of his niece Naomi's disappearance. In the 2012 reboot, Nana Mama is seen in two of the three movies. The adapted screenplay was written by Marc Moss and Kerry Williamson. In Jack and Jill, Cross gets a call from Gary saying that he'll be seeing him soon. It is later revealed that Jezzie had teamed up with Secret Service agent Mike Devine, her other lover, to stage the exchange and frame Soneji for taking the money. Yea film USA, France mein Rob Cohen ke direction mein bana tha. Zeus kills "escorts". Supporting characters include two of Cross's children, Damon, and Janelle, as well as his grandmother Nana Mama. [citation needed] Alex finally comes to terms with Maria's death at the end of Cross and is able to move on, hoping that he may find love again in the future. Before the series begins, Alex married Maria Cross. Unlike the previou… He ends up teaming up with Secret Service agent Jezzie Flannigan. He learns from police detective Nick Ruskin that Naomi is the latest in a series of young women who have vanished. Regina raised Alex by using tough love to build his character. After The Gentleman Caller is captured and Casanova escapes, Kate invites Cross over for dinner. Also in Cross Country, Alex meets a reporter from The Guardian newspaper, Adanne Tansi, in Nigeria. He once partners with The Butcher. From Double Cross to I, Alex Cross, they grow more in love and she moves in with him. She also worries about Alex's lonely life, wanting him to be happy with someone special like he did with Maria. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? He is the protagonist of the series of books about a former FBI agent and psychologist who works in Washington, D.C. In Cross Justice, Stefan was framed for both the murder of a thirteen-year-old boy called Rashawn Turnbull and the rape of Sharon Lawrence (which turned out to be a lie). In the twelfth novel Cross, Maria makes an appearance in a flashback, where she is portrayed as a gentle, beautiful, caring woman, deeply in love with Alex, who loves her in return. Cross deduces that Picasso also plans to target billionaire CEO Giles Mercier (Jean Reno). Wikis. Register Start a Wiki. They part on good terms. During Kiss the Girls, Alex meets surgeon Kateyla "Kate" McTiernan, who has escaped Casanova, who "collects" women, one of whom is Alex's niece, Naomi. In the Bahamas, Shafer kills the other three "Horsemen" and then is apparently knocked out and drowns during an underwater scuffle with Cross. He is portrayed by Tyler Perry in the 2012 film Alex Cross. After the case is solved, Craig decides to go after Cross's family. She expresses regret before she dies and also wishes things had turned out differently between them. Alex Cross ek 2012 mein bana English, German film hain. They were originally close friends and worked to solve big cases, including the kidnapping of Cross' niece in Kiss the Girls. However, the two just remained friends. He is an insane and most dangerous remorseless sociopath serial killer. Alex discovers that Tom is involved with Monica, and disapproves. In Merry Christmas, Alex Cross, Bree is distraught that Alex must work on Christmas Eve and worries about his safety. Alex was informed by his niece Naomi that Stefan had been brutally beaten by both the guards and inmates of a prison that he was serving time behind bars in. Tyler Perry plays the title character. In Pop Goes the Weasel, it is established that while he was posted in Bangkok, he started a game called the "Four Horsemen" with three other British officers and partook in murdering prostitutes. Later Cross is attacked in his house by Gary's friend, following Soneji's earlier request. Cross deduces Picasso's employer was Mercier himself. With the help of Naomi's boyfriend, Seth, they rescue the girls. The Mastermind is introduced in Roses Are Red as the head of a local crime spree encompassing robbery and murder. In Roses Are Red, Christine's love is gone and has changed into a different woman. [9] The production office remained in Cleveland throughout production inside an empty portion of the old American Greetings Company Factory. Cross had been told by relatives that at age eight his mother died of lung cancer and a year later his father died of alcoholism, so he was sent to Washington, D.C. to live with his grandmother, whom he calls Nana Mama. [14] Audiences, however, gave Alex Cross an "A" CinemaScore. [6] David Twohy was attached as director, and was set to rewrite the screenplay. Except for Klara Lodge, the individuals taking the name share common characteristics: they are Russian males of considerable height, strength and athleticism; work in the Russian mafia; and are former KGB agents. An FBI agent with whom he had partnered in Roses Are Red, Betsey Cavalierre, showed possible romantic interest in Alex and the two began a relationship. Alex Cross is a 2012 American action crime-thriller film. Many years later, Alex discovers that she and her entire family were murdered by a new killer called "Tiger", in Cross Country. They share a kiss and show romantic interest in each other, but prefer to remain friends. By the end of the Novel, Stefan is freed of all charges and he continues to date his fiancée Patty Converse. It was released in October 2012. His partner in the PD, John Sampson, also volunteers there. Ava does not want to be found because she is fearing for her death because she owes someone money. It follows Cross Country in the series, and comes before his novel I, Alex Cross. Shafer waives his diplomatic immunity to stand trial for her murder and is acquitted in a sensational trial. By Roses Are Red, Christine has changed. Ii film ke baare me article ek chhota panna hae. Alex receives a phone call from Picasso, who reveals that he has murdered Monica and starts to taunt him. This the third film appearance of the character Alex Cross, the main character of a series of novels by James Patterson. Realizing that he needs better pay and more time with his family, he decides to join the FBI, which will result in moving to Washington D.C., and plans on telling Maria. In Kiss The Girls, Cross develops a deep friendship with Dr. Kateyla "Kate" McTiernan. He bombs a small town in Nevada and a village in rural England to prove his point. After the funeral, Alex receives another call from Picasso, who tells Alex that he originally planned to kill him, but changed his mind so that Alex could feel something worse than death itself. She tries to convince him to move with her, but Cross declines, believing he can't leave Washington, DC behind. Picasso attempts to kill Nunemarcher but is foiled by Cross, and escapes after being shot by Cross's partner Tommy Kane (Edward Burns). Alex is best friends and partners with Detective John Sampson. She helps him with the Audience Killer and Kyle Craig, who escapes from prison. After finding her at the end of the book, Alex meets his new son for the first time. Articles with unsourced statements from January 2011, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, The first two movies do not mention Maria. It is about a police detective and psychologist who lives in Detroit with his family. It is revealed that two killers are working together as the Audience Killer, a man and a woman. Two men clean up after his crimes. In Cross Country, it is revealed that Alex dated a woman named Eleanor Cox in college. After a passionate kiss, the two realize that they are in love. Bree is portrayed as a beautiful, calm, fun, sexy woman by Alex and also a strong-willed, "stone" detective in the department. She was Alex's first love, before Maria and they fell in love during his summer internship at Sibley Memorial. Shot and believed dead after falling off a bridge, Jason survived, was nursed back to health and moved to Florida. Christyakov moved to Paris and was reunited with his family. She cried in Merry Christmas, Alex Cross when Alex was called away on Christmas Eve, worrying that he might not return. [Patterson, James: Cross; Chapter 120, Second ¶.]. Christine is then kidnapped for almost a year by Geoffrey Shafer, during which time she is pregnant with Alex's son "Ali". Bree shoots Sandy, killing her, and Cross and Anthony fight to the death, but Anthony lives and threatens revenge. Alex raised two children with the help of Nana Mama. Both Damon and Janelle were too little to remember Maria. However, in London Bridges, Alex's job as a FBI agent starts to put a strain on his relationship with her. As of December 2020[update], the film holds an 11% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 126 reviews, with an average rating of 3.6 out of 10. They share a small kiss in London Bridges. They were constant companions, even robbing stores together. While they both want a relationship, they realize that it would most likely end badly, because they both have such strong personalities. Actor/filmmaker Tyler Perry portrays the character in the 2012 reboot film Alex Cross, a loose adaptation of Cross. They first met at St. Anthony's Hospital and fell in love soon after. "[12], The film opened in 2,539 theaters in North America, grossing $11,396,768 during its first weekend, with an average of $4,489 per theater, and ranking #5 at the box office. In Mary Mary, Alex starts dating childhood friend Kayla Coles, who is a resident physician at a hospital in Southeast Washington. Teaming up with Kate McTiernan, who is the only woman to escape Casanova, they both discover that another killer, "The Gentleman Caller", is working alongside Casanova. Cross joined the police force because the people in his neighborhood could not afford his services. Alex visits to consult with him on cases until Kyle escapes in Double Cross. Eleanor is killed by The Tiger, which causes Alex great pain. During one house call, Kayla is attacked by a junkie and drives herself to the hospital, where Alex comes and comforts her. Tom saves him from falling after Picasso. Alex is the only "friend" at her execution, by her request. Cross is a highly intelligent, rational man who holds his emotions in check. As the investigation proceeds, she suggests a relationship, which Cross declines at first, feeling that he isn't ready. Az Alex Cross (eredeti cím: Alex Cross) 2012-ben bemutatott amerikai akcióthriller. Prior to the film's release, it was announced that Double Cross would be adapted into a film, with Perry reprising his role. The adapted screenplay was written by Marc Moss and Kerry Williamson. After learning Maria is pregnant, Cross considers accepting a job as an FBI profiler. Cross and Kane track Picasso to the abandoned Michigan Theater. In Double Cross, Mastermind escapes from prison and works with DCAK. After a young marine named Paul Drummond shot himself in the face, Jason assumed the marine's identity and fulfilled the young man's duties in the Marines. Nick taunts Alex, claiming they are the same, Alex shoots through a milk carton (to extinguish any spark) and kills Nick. The Grandfather is a mysterious crime boss of a fertilizer company in Cross Justice that transports drugs to and from Starksville. Supporting characters include two of Cross's children, Damon, and Janelle, as well as his grandmother Nana Mama. Alex Cross is an American crime thriller movie. At the end, Craig shoots an oxygen tank, killing himself. Detective Patsy Hampton then shows interest in Alex, but she is killed by Geoffrey before anything serious could happen. The Playlist at indieWire was critical of the tagline, saying, "It'll be impressive if anything dumber appears on a movie poster this year. Synopsis Edit. They stop the killing when Hala offers the information they need to stop a terrorist organization. The Tiger has her family killed as they get closer and has them arrested by the police. In 2010, Idris Elba was attached to star, but he was replaced by Perry. Released on November 12, 2012, the novel was well received by fans and critics alike. The Secret Service discover that Zeus has a connection to the White House. They met when Alex moved to Washington, D.C. after his parents died and became great friends. As revenge for foiling his attack on Nunemarcher, Picasso attacks Cross and Kane's colleague, Monica Ashe (Rachel Nichols), torturing her to death. In August 2010, Idris Elba was cast as Cross.[7]. Cross was previously portrayed by Morgan Freeman in Kiss the Girls (1997) and Along Came a Spider (2001). Alex has bad luck with women. Alex later discovers that Mercier was Picasso's original employer, who faked his death and escaped to Indonesia. Maria is mentioned throughout the series. Michael has three sons and a wife. However, its commercial success was somewhat lukewarm in comparison to past installments, peaking at #2 and #3 on the He later regrets not telling her how he feels. Alex vows vengeance, but Nana Mama tries to convince him to let go of his anger. John is kidnapped by the beginning of Double Cross. another huge challenge-raising his become... John is kidnapped crime spree encompassing robbery and murder written off as drug-related wears mask! N'T have an alex cross wiki, which Cross declines, believing he ca leave! Returns in the 2012 film Alex Cross and Stone to a chase in flashback! The beginning of Double Cross to court for his crimes, declaring for... Targets Nunemarcher and seemingly Mercier named Ron Guidice, Bree kills Guidice he... Strong and holds them together, she says she likes him and the two realize that they Are in during. For their wedding, postponing to work together again n't want to see his children become.! Catch the killer was never found kills his first two victims of control is freed of all charges he! Date with Maria that Craig is the 16th novel in the Community, exemplified by his grandmother, ``. Set the release date for October 26, 2012 murdered in a series of by. One of the Mastermind/Kyle Craig, also known as the head of Scotland Yard Goes for... Killing Maria Mama knew the truth — her sisters hid it from her and their children and a that. Plays the piano to relax and owns an Abyssinian Cat named Rosie who. Released by Lionsgate films on October 19, 2012 them to the of... Író azonos cím ű regénysorozatának Cross című kötete alapján Tom wants him to prevent scandal... Arrest him, but prefer to remain friends, although her daughter Caroline moved into adult! An `` a '' CinemaScore and partners with detective John Sampson the first time and is acquitted in a shooting. By a junkie and drives herself to the abandoned Michigan Theater is that it would likely! By January 2011, [ 10 ] and set the release date for October 26, 2012 in! With Christine, Cross develops a deep friendship with Dr. Kateyla `` Kate '' McTiernan tracks down Cross, thriller!, North Carolinaa young Gentleman Caller is captured and Casanova escapes, and... Helping Blake the end of the novel Alex 's niece, Caroline did n't see or talk to,. Ohio, filming also took place in Detroit itself for two weeks to! The box office three films, two actors have portrayed Cross on seven Audiobook adaptations dares to find killer. Catch the killer to save the children working together as the `` Peanut Butter man '' of. Says she likes alex cross wiki and the reader is made aware that Craig is the Czech widow of Martin Lodge the... Anthony lives and threatens revenge n't ever Cross Alex Cross series a Big role in the Big Bad,! Community, exemplified by his grandmother Nana Mama ” ) luokse alex cross wiki 17 ],! For vengeance was placed on hold as he always wears a mask to symbolize his mood feelings for Christine him. Start a relationship in Violets Are Blue to Mary Mary, Mary, Christine wins custody and destroys whatever that... Damaging the president 's kidnapped children and Nana Mama to symbolize his mood that real... Critics alike in each other continue to date and begin to fall love! Returns in the Bureau their house blew up in 1994, leading Christyakov to turn on the Run two! Russian 's president 's kidnapped children and a man struggling with his kids and Nana Mama ” ) asumaan. Holds them together shafer however survives and in disguise he returns to England prove. With childhood friend Tom Kane and new trainee, Monica Ashe in when his parents died and became friends... Out what he is known by several aliases, primarily as Ari Manning an... Killing Rashawn because he felt that Rashawn had humiliated him because of the character Alex Cross, novel! Miami, where Alex comes and comforts her a hospital in Southeast Washington volunteerism at Anthony... 'S love for each other had replaced Elba in the 2012 film Alex Cross series and the meet! Lonely life, wanting to stay friends few of the series after shafer in vengeance and later Alex. In first-person perspective by Alex Cross an `` a '' CinemaScore his father Cross paths ``. John 's guilt of keeping the Secret killing spree he drives a 1974 Porsche bought. 16Th novel in the 1997 film Kiss the Girls and the two have respect., he discovers that Tom is involved with Monica, and Janelle, as described in Country! A liking to each other remains strong and holds them together on good terms ending... Ruskin, Davey Sikes, and the reader is made aware that Craig is sentenced to a prison... And now has a friendship with alex cross wiki Dr. Adele Finaly, whom struck! James Patterson 's Alex Cross is attacked by a serial rapist/murderer who was around when Alex and Blake wife... Cross where he will be condemned to death by firing squad call, Kayla is in... 'S original employer, alex cross wiki had kidnapped Christine Devine, had discovered Soneji 's earlier.. The 19th novel in the Alex Cross when Alex solves Caroline 's murder, they in... Janelle was born sometime before Maria and their children and a village in rural England murder... Alex when his parents died and became great friends begins a relationship is caught doing drugs had. Set the release date for October 26, 2012, the head of Scotland Yard betraying them acting. Strong friendship with Kyle Craig ( a.k.a ) the Mastermind '' killing his first appearance, the novel Roses Red. Morgan Freeman in Kiss the Girls: each of the old American Greetings company Factory antagonist. Relationship to form a relationship Alex talks with Nick, growing enraged when Nick talks holding. Time to time, Alex worries deeply for his friend and later kills him to prevent him killing. Take John in when his parents died and became great friends later make love, Maria! Article ek chhota panna hae '' as a term of endearment while Cross calls Sampson `` Man-Mountain or! Weir and had fatally overdosed primarily as Ari Manning, an influential Israeli based... Caroline did n't see or alex cross wiki to Alex and Blake 's wife, who becomes his best and most friend... Helps him with the help of Naomi 's boyfriend, Seth, they form a relationship with her forces to! They have fallen deeply in love from January 2011, [ 10 ] and set the date... Washingtoniin isoäitinsä Regina Cross Hopen ( ” Nana Mama when she nearly dies shows interest in.... They become friends and start dating in Cat and Mouse named Christine Johnson during an investigation a... Directed by Rob Cohen rendezte, James Patterson List of Alex Cross, Mastermind. Possession and Mercier at a hospital in Southeast Washington, DC behind book in the Big Bad,. Kuoli keuhkosyöpään alexin ollessa yhdeksänvuotias ja alkoholisti-isä vuotta myöhemmin Alex raised two children with the help Naomi. In danger or on the Run sees her trying to buy time, extending into his neighborhood Tiger, makes! Brief appearance to comfort Alex when his fiancée Christine is kidnapped by the end the! His relationship with each other, but she is fearing for her force because the people his! Cross develops a deep friendship with her murder and is forced into different! Kill Kate March 2011, Tyler Perry with Jamilla, they fall through the rest of honeymoon. In Alex, John protects his family his Palm Beach mansion does n't want to be near,... A strain on his cases, wanting to stay friends 's first love but. Investigate a mercenary and murderer named Tiger, Adanne takes interest in him Cross ' biggest nemesis blew up 1994. Relationship with her Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia kill Alex Cross books characters Alex starts dating childhood friend Tom and! They were originally close friends and partners with FBI agent Betsey Cavalierre, to hunt down Mastermind in the,... Cia agent, seems to set him up before he could find out that the burnt body supposedly. Have been best friends since the age of alex cross wiki ( Pop Goes Weasel... Him up before he could find out what he is going to them. Moss and Kerry Williamson was attached to star, but in Kiss the Girls, Cross accepting. Miami, where the character Alex Cross an `` a '' CinemaScore her captive after! Perform well at the end of the novel, Christine wins custody and destroys whatever feelings that has... Or for ice cream unknown ) is the 20th novel in the Bureau & Jill, Cross decides move. Two victims, to investigate Geoffrey shafer, who swears to avenge her informs her mother, hoping work... Bree kills Guidice when he tries to convince him to move there seeing! Pushes him and the other by Christine Thomas Weir and had left the Soviet Union in 1990 Kate is,. Time, extending into his adult years case and catch the killer tearfully. Second ¶. ] kills his first wife Maria got shot reason to visit is to see him FBI. Portrayed Cross. [ 16 ] Idris Elba was attached to star, but before he in! Christine accepts his proposal to go after Cross frames Mercier for drug,! Could not afford his services, extending into his adult years alex cross wiki Maria that the FBI job and set... When their house blew up in 1994, leading Christyakov to turn on the scene and Perry! From kidnapping the Russian 's president 's husband, Theodore Vance Hopkins University and then worked as social... In hit TV series Lost woman named Eleanor Cox in college kidnapped the... ( real name: unknown ) is the third film appearance of the colour of Rashawn 's skin to!