KPU has recently experienced tremendous growth in applications from international students and has decided to close applications from all prospective international students for the Summer and Fall 2018 semesters. In the course of your studies in RP, you may need medical attention in the form of surgery or any other medical procedures or treatment, and may be unable to give or refuse consent to the procedure or treatment. Early Admissions Exercise (ITE) Joint Admissions Exercise. Undergraduate Students Upon admission, you will need to take this form, along with a copy of your acceptance letter and proof of available funds, to … So, for Singapore Universities…remember, think high! Apply at Online Applicant Portal during the application period. Nanyang Polytechnic Admission and Credit Guide (pdf, 172kb) Ngee Ann Polytechnic Admission and Credit Guide (pdf, 168kb) Admissions for International Students The application process for International students is slightly more complex than for local students to meet particular legal requirements. Part-time ITE/WSQ. ADMISSIONS. For permanent residents (PRs) in Singapore, they will have to pay S$5,800, an increase of S$200 from last year's fees. Polytechnic Diploma from Singapore A 3-year full-time diploma from Nanyang Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Republic Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic or Temasek Polytechnic. Credit transfer for Singapore Polytechnics diploma graduates. 2. Who can take part in Poly EAE for O-Level students? The Office of Student Support will help you settle in by providing caring and personalised services, such as counselling, mentoring, insurance and financial assistance (for emergency). Admissions Admissions Undergraduate Requirements Matriculation ... Singapore Polytechnic; Temasek Polytechnic; Final semester polytechnic students can apply by submitting their results for the first five semesters of their studies. Please refer to the KPU International webpage for further details. In such an event, surgeons or consultants in Singapore hospitals would require a Local Representative to be present at the hospital to authorise or refuse consent to the surgery or other medical procedures or treatment on your behalf. For 'O' Level Students; For 'N(A)' Level Students; For 'A' Level Students; ... Singapore 738964. You may submit the supporting documents via ONE of the following methods: Click on "Upload Supporting Document for Full Time Diploma Application" at SP CASE website. Singapore Polytechnic – SP tuition fees . Temasek Polytechnic tuition fees for International Students International Student. Dear international applicants and students! Tests will be conducted from Tuesday, 23 February to Thursday, 25 February 2021. Eligible Singapore diploma graduates may receive credit for previous study and fast track completing a Sydney degree. OR For ITE Students. Applicants, regardless of nationality, may apply with a diploma from one of the following polytechnics in Singapore: Singapore-Cambridge GCE A Levels, the Singapore Integrated Programme and the International Baccalaureate (IB) at good grades are considered for entrance to undergraduate programmes. Nanyang Polytechnic was founded in 1992 and currently provides education for over 15,000 students. Why not join thousands of fresh school leavers and apply to Singapore Polytechnic? Annual fees for Singapore Permanent Residents (PR) and International Students (IS) admitted in AY2018 to full-time diploma courses will be increased … Working Adult. Humanities and Social Sciences courses (including Economics) and Psychological and Behavioural Sciences. Poly Foundation Programme Admissions Exercise. Joint Polytechnic Admissions … Expires in 70 Days. You are … For International Students from the intake cohort of AY2016/2017 and beyond, the GST on tuition fees will be borne by these students. Shops and transport providers generally do not accept foreign currencies. You can visit the websites of these banks to find out more about starting an account with them. Students applying for financial aid must submit the CSS Profilewith their application for admission. Bring along a small amount of cash for immediate expenses (for example S$1000). An international student looking to study in Singapore it is important to be aware of how to get into these universities. For existing students admitted prior to AY2016/2017, the applicable GST is subsidised by MOE. A drop box is located outside OSC where documents may be deposited after office hours. Future International Students. Students with IB Diploma may also apply for selected diploma courses which allow them to complete the course in 2 or 2.5 years, provided they meet the entry requirements. For a full list of Monash University undergraduate courses and acceptable Polytechnic Diploma Program entry requirements refer to the study, credit and admissions eligibility search. Unsure which of our courses you qualify for? A photocopy of the bio-data page of the passport; Student pass In-Principal-Approval (IPA) Letter Polytechnic Diplomas SIT was established in 2009 as an initiative by the Ministry of Education to provide upgrading opportunities, primarily for polytechnic graduates. Qualification JAE JPAE EAE DAE PFPAE; 6. International Baccalaureate (IB) Students with the IB qualification must have a minimum grade 4 (1st Language) or grade 5 (2nd Lang) for English, except for Media & Communication and Creative Writing for Television and New Media courses where a grade 5 (1st Lang) or 6 (2nd Lang) is required; Maths and Relevant Subject requires a … Buy a bank draft or travellers' cheques of a larger amount from a bank in your own country. Bear in mind that that they may take about three weeks to clear the draft before the amount can be deposited into your new account. Admission and Credit Guide Singapore Polytechnic diploma graduates. International students from various countries have chosen Republic Polytechnic (RP) as their preferred placed to study. Results for the sixth semester must be furnished once available. Former Polytechnic Student. Prepare some Singapore Dollars. Most banks in Singapore handle bank drafts and travellers' cheques. Applicants may apply electronically via Singapore Polytechnic Course Application Service & Enquiry (SP CASE) website. Admission Guides 'O' Level Students 'N(A)' Level Students 'A' Level Students; ITE Students; IP Students; Other Qualifications; Lifelong Learners; Applicants with Working Experience; Enrolment. International students with foreign or international qualifications; Those awarded IGCSE or IB certificates in 2020 or before; Home-schooled students who have completed Year 10 and attained qualifications equivalent to G.C.E. Choosing a suitable place to stay is a major concern, and you would want to settle in as soon as possible. For recruitment matters, please contact NYP’s Student Recruitment & Admissions Office at For all other matters (such as student pass, visa etc), please contact NYP’s Information & … We are pleased to invite students to study at Polytechnic University and kindly ask you to fill in online Application form. Hotline: (65) 6451-5115. You can also talk an authorised Melbourne Polytechnic Education Agent in your home country who can office you advice about studies at Melbourne Polytechnic and assistance in applying for both your course and your student visa. Jinhua Polytechnic Wintec International College will build two more new majors, Architectural Engineering Technology and Mould Design and Manufacture in 2016, which are to recruit students in 2017. Singapore International Graduate Awards: Available for international students with excellent academic record at the undergraduate level, and who are also interested in research work. Direct Admissions Exercise (DAE-Foreign): The DAE-Foreign allows applicants with foreign or international qualifications (including Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents) who are not eligible to participate in the JAE, EAE and JPAE to apply for the TP course of their interest. The University of Sydney has credit recognition arrangements with Polytechnic in Singapore. To study at Melbourne Polytechnic as an international student in ELICOS or VET programs, you must be 16 years or older, and for Higher Education programs, be turning 18 years of age in the year of entry to the course, or if under 17 years must have the prior written approval from the College Director in consultation with the relevant Head of School. Singapore-Cambridge GCE 'A' level Diploma awarded by a polytechnic in Singapore NUS High School Diploma IB Diploma. Singapore Polytechnic; Temasek Polytechnic; The academic entry score and credit exemptions granted for some Diploma programs are listed in the table below. to have an idea of the online application. For instance, a trip by the MRT train from Woodlands Station (the station nearest the RP campus) to the city centre takes about 50 minutes. Submit your supporting documents at the One Stop Centre (OSC). Information for international students who want to study at Politecnico di Milano. Admission. Students studying at SP's School of Biomedical Science in February 2020. International Students enrolled in government, government-aided and Independent Schools during the year of Poly EAE application, and who have registered to sit for the GCE O-Level examinations in the year of Poly EAE. Singapore Polytechnic; Temasek Polytechnic; The academic entry score and credit exemptions granted for some Diploma programs are listed in the table below. Application Forms & Procedures Application for admission in Academic Year 2021-2022 will commence on 1 November 2020. Who should use this form: The "International Applicants" online application form is meant for international applicants presenting international … For example, if your child is sitting for the Primary 4 test, they should be familiar with the Primary 3 syllabus. For all postgraduate courses, you will need to demonstrate that you: have completed a recognised tertiary qualification. For international students seeking school admission in 2021, the application period for admission tests will start on Monday, 4 January 2021. Cost of Living. You should not engage in controversial activities that are detrimental to the interest of Singapore and RP. Students will need to take this form, along with a copy of the acceptance letter and proof of available funds, to nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate. for verification at the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at SMU upon arrival into Singapore. Submit Online Application. The following is only a guide on the monthly estimated cost of living in Singapore. The information published in the table below is a guide only to admission and credit and subject to change. If you are an International student and or an Italian with a foreign study qualification, and you wish to study at the Politecnico di Torino, you can do it according to your intentions, to your home Country and to your study curriculum. You must show a minimum family contribution of $22,000 per year to cover all living and travel expenses. International students who are offered admission must apply for a Student’s Pass to remain and stay in Singapore for the duration of their study in RP. Applicants may apply electronically via Singapore Polytechnic Course Application Service & Enquiry (SP CASE) website. There are also additional fees incurred to secure the necessary permits and certifications. After submitting the online application, all applicants are required to submit CLEAR copies of the following relevant documents within THREE working days from the application closing date. Nanyang Polytechnic is a polytechnic institution of higher education based in Ang Mo Kio based in northeastern Singapore. For more details on the current NUS tuition fee, please click here.. 2. The Politecnico di Torino website for International Students. Integrated Programme Holder. The course fees are payable in two (2) instalments. The Tertiary Student EZ-Link card is issued to all eligible full time students. It is one of the first institutions in Singapore to adopt a collaborative approach to learning. Enrolled Nurse (CBSEN) International Qualification Holder. Mail: Melbourne Polytechnic – International Admissions Room PA117, Building A 77 St Georges Road Preston Victoria 3072 AUSTRALIA. The University of Sydney has credit recognition arrangements with Polytechnic in Singapore. If you have completed a diploma from one of the polytechnics in Singapore, y… Before leaving for Singapore, you must prepare the following items: Students may apply for a Letter of Guarantee (LOG) for hospitalisation treatment in Singapore. Living expenses vary according to individual lifestyles and means. Step 2: Pay Application fee The application fee payable is USD30 /SGD30 (by bank draft), or SGD20 (discounted price for internet payment only) for international applicants. With a LOG, the hospital will waive the cash deposit and payment of the hospital bill up to the limits of the insurance and subject to the policy terms and conditions. Singapore has 6 public universities and several other private universities, as well as polytechnic institutions. Select your preferred SP tuition fees for details: Full time Diploma . Singapore PolytechnicAdmissions Office500 Dover RoadSingapore 139651. Offers financial support for up to 4 years of PhD studies including full tuition fees waiver, monthly stipend, settlement allowance, and airfare grant. Government of Singapore and Universities in Singapore offer scholarships to international students and local citizens every year and we have listed here some best PhD Scholarships in Singapore, Masters Scholarships in Singapore, and undergraduate level scholarships. As an international student at RP, you will gain knowledge and skills that will lead to exciting careers and further studies opportunities. Best viewed using Internet Explorer 10 and above, latest 2 versions of Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome, Before you begin submitting the application, we strongly encourage you to read through the. You can study in Singapore on fully funded or partially funded scholarships. * For students who have been away from Singapore’s school system for some years, the University will submit the application for MTL-in-lieu or MTL-exemption on your behalf if you are offered admission. International Student Admissions Information After you have decided your career goals, make a plan to set out and achieve them. Immigration & Checkpoint Authority website, $300 to $1,000 (depending on location, facilities and number of students sharing a room), $50 to $100 (with student concession pass), $50 to $100 (varies across the different courses), $100 to $200 (varies with spending habits), Passport to be valid for at least 6 months, In-Principle Approval for Student Pass (you must submit your application via the, Accommodation in Singapore (make advance booking, bodily injury and sickness including mental illness, communicable diseases (requiring isolation and/or quarantine by law such as SARS, bird flu). For International Qualification Holder Apply Via Direct Admissions Exercise Direct Admissions Exercise The Direct Admissions Exercise (DAE) is administered by Ngee Ann Polytechnic to allow applicants whose qualification types are ineligible under JAE and JPAE to apply for admission to our full-time diploma courses. Use the intake places for each course and the Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE) ELR2B2 score as guides to help you make a decision on your application. The five polytechnics of Singapore are Nanyang Polytechnic, Republic Polytechnic, Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic, and Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Getting around in Singapore is easy with its extensive public transport system. Any part-time work must be done outside of school hours and co-curricular activities, and it must not affect your academic performance. OR For Working Adults. Singapore has 6 public universities and several other private universities, as well as polytechnic institutions. Education and Career Guidance; Internships; Further Studies; ... Find out more on how you can join RP with our helpful admission guides below. If you do not apply for financial aid and enroll at WPI, you must submit the WPI International Certification of Finances form.. International first-year students applying for financial aid must submit the CSS PROFILE application by the admissions deadline. Ready for a great future? The Polytechnic Early Admissions Exercise (Poly EAE) allows students to apply for and receive conditional offers for admission prior to their GCE O-Level Examinations. They need to obtain prior permission from the Student Liaison/Affairs Office of their respective institute. For AY2018, the Polytechnics will continue to adopt a cohort-based fee structure, ie a student’s fees will remain constant for the entire duration of the course. For all other matters (such as student pass, visa etc), please contact NYP’s Information & Service Centre, i@Central. If you studied at Nanyang, Ngee Ann, Republic, Singapore or Temasek Polytechnics, please refer to the relevant guide for specific admission and credit information. Refer to the Guide to 2021 admission criteria for international students (pdf, 129KB) for an indicative required score for some overseas secondary education qualifications. To facilitate a smooth administrative process in Singapore, please ensure that you have these items ready prior to your departure for Singapore: A valid passport for international travel with a validity of at least six months. Students who have achieved overall grades of BBC (in relevant subjects such as Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry) in the Singapore-Cambridge A –levels or a CGPA of 2.8 in the Singapore Polytechnic Diploma would be considered for the University’s Science and Engineering with an integrated foundation year programme. A wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore Polytechnic (SP) designing and implementing innovative student programmes for SP students and offering quality executive training & consultancy programmes for Institutes of Higher Learning, Government Agencies, and other Organisations in Asia and beyond. The typical offer level would be a GPA of 3.85 or higher. For the purpose of admission, SMU will consider acceptable polytechnic diplomas (except Advanced Diplomas/Specialist Diplomas/Certificate Courses) from the 5 Polytechnic institutions in Singapore (Nanyang Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polyechnic, Singapore Polytechnic, Republic Polytechnic and Temasek Polytechnic).