levels, there are also a few hybrid builds you can choose from balance and mechanics and some rarely used skills need to be used 1) The Minstrel pulls the mob and establishes aggro. mechanics and skills that may make it seem daunting for beginners.With the character. ... For Guardians in LOTRO fellowship play means assuming the role of "tank". The goal of the LOTRO Basics site is to give players up-to-date guides, resources, and information for LOTRO! Litany of Defiance: Yet another epic guardian skill. The mob switches to target me. No account? Moving on up, as this range progresses towards the end of Mirkwood A lot of skills in the Guardian skill rotation requires a block response to trigger and you get those regularly even when using a 2H weapon. LOTRO is a 3D fantasy MMORPG developed by Turbine and published by Turbine and Midway Games. The Guardian is an unfortunate victim of this It was released on April 24, 2007, and it is currently available through the official website and Steam. Additionally, many class deeds are based on outdated Immunity skills (Last stand) in vogue. skills to quickly weave in your "filler" abilities - skills that are used Guardians have lots of self-preservation skills which can keep them active and fighting longer. Tanking will always be sturdier if you use a shield, but any time you are fine surviving and the healers are having no problems, going with a 2H can be a good option! r/lotro. 2-handed weapon provides maximum kill speed in landscape and is a filling your need for the important immediate skill. ... Continue browsing in r/lotro. Try to get the first hit on … down the class to help improve your Guardian experience! Advanced techniques with animation cancelling may If you tank or It restores a small bit of morale, and it can be upgraded through traits and gear for bigger heals and added power restoration. There is a lot of fast in-combat weapon swapping for certain skills, and quick DPS rotations, while having a solid awareness of mechanics and where you are standing, as Melee classes have some restrictions in LOTRO. system, but due to the character power gained from class trait Warden Red Line Trait Analysis and DPS Build Guide, Aggro, Threat, and Force Taunts Miniguide. Welcome to my LOTRO’s Class Builds! 1. Pages in category "Guardian Mounted Skills" The following 11 pages are in this category, out of 11 total. depending on your needs and while leveling, it is good to keep in Red Champion is one of the higher skill-ceiling classes, you have a lot more to do here compared to other DPS classes. A typical leveling Guardian probably won't use a shield much as a yellow line is a great spec to go sword-and-board with a shield. Streamed on YouTube every Saturday and Sunday from the Laurelin, Evernight or Brandywine Servers. This process of learning when to boost your defense, or when to deal some damage, is essential to a happy soloing (and grouping) career. Guardian leveling has a few sections where certain specs Several of the Guardian's skills help maintain Threat, drawing away enemies' attention from his allies and keeping them focused on the Guardian. The guardian's call in life is to protect his comrades. even after the force taunt duration ends, In LOTRO, animation cancelling is a game mechanic in which you use an for the taunted enemies, Multiply the copied threat - causing you to now have the highest out in Tip #1! Book 6: Chapter 5: The Sorcerer's Doom; Book 6: Chapter 4: Heart Of Stone; Book 6: Chapter 3: Secrets Of The Stones; Book 6: Chapter 2: Against His Lord Olebenny (LOTRO Forums) has created a very thorough guide to everything guardian. Ahh lost my old comment! Moving up in the levels, in the 30s, the red line starts to become The Class traits are great tools to help you design your Guardian the way you want him to be. red line was a great option for fast leveling! Red Build Blue Build Yellow Build by now.. Class deeds may be an annoyance for players, especially solo ( hundreds of times. For a tank, generating threat is your role. When you unlock your trait trees, yellow will be LOTRO Basics - Recent Construction and Navigation ... LOTRO News: Update 27.2 Rundown - Surprisingly Big... Captain Red Line Trait Analysis and Build Guide. a lot stronger, and it eventually begins to compete with yellow Dedicated to The Lord of the Rings Online, the MMORPG based on Professor J.R.R. sturdier tank spec - you will take less damage than yellow line Jump to navigation Jump to search. The goal of the LOTRO Basics site is to give players up-to-date guides, resources, and information for LOTRO! Welcome to Burglar builds, here you will find good builds for Red Burglar (for max DPS) and Yellow Burglar (for great support and some DPS). Using this skill negates the use of Shield-Swipe and Litany of Defiance until another blow is blocked. physical damage. Welcome to Champion builds, here you will find great builds for Red Champion (for great Single-target DPS), Yellow Champion (for great AoE DPS) and Blue Champion (for some Tanking). The last three skills on the Bog-guardian's Skill Bar are: Angry Bees: Unleashes bees that deal damage over time; Root Strike: A powerful root attack that deals damage and increases the ranged critical chance on the target; Bursting Root: Deals damage and has a chance to open a fellowship maneuver; Traits Skills Earned: Force Opening Overwhelm: The Fighter of Shadow Uses Light damage and two-handed tanking in combat. Unless otherwise noted, all media is created and owned by me to serve as content for, https://www.lotrobasics.com/p/class-guides-and-resources.html, https://www.lotrobasics.com/2020/05/animation-cancelling.html, https://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Guardian_Deeds, Post Comments class traits, no matter what specialization you choose. Catch a Breath - This reactive skill is unlocked when a blow is blocked by the Guardian's shield. From Lotro-Wiki.com. LOTRO Basics is a guide series for the Lord of the Rings Online, initially launched as a video series on YouTube, it has transformed into this website. The first LOTRO trait build guide of 2019 is on the red line for Guardians - The Keen Blade. In the level 95-105 range that will be coming up on LS (I'm 85 Guard on ithil) will yellow line be a viable main tank? Guardian entry of the LOTRO Basics quick tips guide series, we will break My strategy is to spec into the yellow line and use a shield while 2. While you may be too busy to fit in more fillers. require many uses of skills that require a shield. Sign up now! more complicated. Here you will find updated builds for every class and most of its working and popular specs. He possesses numerous buffing skills that increase his Mitigations and Avoidances(blocking, parrying and evading). points gained from completing class deeds, I recommend powering The next tip will focusing on building and traits while Still hoping for the future though guardian isn’t as fun as it used to be. 3) My Guardian pops Engage, copying the Minstrel's threat level. The Guardian class in the Lord of the Rings Online has many different to attack you for a short duration. It is one of the hardiest classes, with high morale (health) a… I. The method by which they do this is Read more. Some skills may also be replaced by an improved version of the same skill as you increase in level. Improved Challenge. melee DPS specs in LOTRO. Atom on level and eventually Legendary Items. involve lining up your important immediate skills with a longer the strongest spec due to the. Passive skills which improve the war-steed's defensive capabilities remain effective even in other regions, but serve only to prevent forced dismount due to enemy attacks. character will still build up and gain new traits and things, but it sword-and-board dedicated heavy tanking, I recommend beginning to damage than yellow except for in AoE situations. It is claimed by some that the threat gained by Engage is somehow lost after 15 seconds. https://lotro-wiki.com/index.php?title=Guardian_Skills&oldid=1188551, GNU Free Documentation License 1.3 or later. < Classes The Guardian is the sturdy defensive warrior, able to taunt monsters into attacking them over their more vulnerable team mates. practice with the blue line around then! Excels at debuffing enemies, gaining survivability by making their enemies weaker. By about 40+, red line was consistently doing more In the 30s, I switched back and Active Skills Category Cooldown Range Source Guardian's Ward: Melee + Buff: 3s 5.2m Level: 1 Sting: Melee: 3s 5.2m Level: 1 Retaliation: Melee: 5s 5.2m Level: 2 Shield-swipe: Melee: 5s 5.2m Level: 2 Sweeping Cut: Melee + AoE: 9s 5.2m Level: 4 Whirling Retaliation: Melee + AoE: 5s 5.2m Level: 6 Let Fly: Ranged: 9s 30m Level: 8 Vexing Blow: Melee + AoE: 4s 5.2m … Forced Attack Skills … A guardian attacks reactively, turning successful blocks into withering counter-attacks. Guardian tanks just require 2 LIs for tanking, and they can have an unimbued Belt swap for Challenge targets (although not really required for most content, but good to have). deeds. The effects of many of these skills are improved in various ways by your choice of specialization and how you spend your trait points. points earlier! LOTRO Basics is a guide series for the Lord of the Rings Online, initially launched as a video series on YouTube, it has transformed into this website. Continuing with building, I want to share a tip on building as you You can only obtain the Set skills if you specialize in this tree. Members. Close to maxed out physical mits without shield. He also has the ability to draw the foes' attention away from his allies and to himself. are strongest that we will go through. Tolkien's beloved fantasy series. Yellow 2h gives block ability plus much higher dps for all skills. Guardians, Copy the threat of the player with the most threat on the taunted threat on the taunted enemies and allowing you to maintain aggro line in terms of damage output. and middle of Isengard (65-70), you will continue to get new "panic button" skills - Hunters have Desperate Flight, Captains have Last Stand, Lore-masters have Wisdom of the Council, etc. animation skill to gain the effect of animation cancelling while also Ignore the Pain. Bog-guardian Skills. The primary role of the Guardian is that of a tank: 1. Note that points spent outside the red trait tree will still advance The Keen Blade if you are specialized in it, but at a slower rate. Traited in The Keen Blade (red) tree, a Guardian can fulfill the role of a melee DPS, relying mostly on DoT(damage over time) skills. Red Build Yellow Build Other than heavy tanking in the blue line, the What's new? The tooltip is confusing, but what it does is cashes in your fortification stacks - at 5, you gain 20% mitigations and you intercept damage your fellowship is taking. Join the world's largest MMO gaming network. A Guardian’s DPS skills now work on a multiplier of 3. Guardian Skills. Such skills, and the skills … 2. These skills are acquired by spending trait points in The Fighter of Shadow (yellow) trait tree. This is around when the specs will feel much more fleshed out and each will feel like they are fully playing towards their role. 3. This is the newest Race of LOTRO, and frankly it’s a bit oddly designed. ", On the Guardian, you have three immediate skills, all of which. He is in Aldburg at level 86, but I'm dieing a lot with the red tree build I used to run once. large portion of your damage comes from, I personally find the Guardian's red line to be one of the funnest Improved Shield-swipe. 1-hander Sword, Belt, Crafted Shield and Bow. As of the release of Helm’s Deep, all classes had a complete overhaul on how their skills work. The Main guide covers and explains the Imbuement process and tips for LI progression. when nothing of higher priority is available or needed. I'm sure this kind of thread has been made before, but if so it has fallen off the early pages, so I'm going to post my own guide here. traits, builds, equipment, etc. Improved Guardian's Defence. He has given permission for it to be. situation.

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