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Resources from the Field

The ID&R Office makes available many useful documents for the benefit of all MEP staff statewide. These have been developed by local districts that have given permission to share the materials in the spirit of intrastate collaboration.

Please contact our office if your district has resource materials to share with other local MEPs.

Alachua Multi-County MEP

Alachua Multi-County OSY Advocate, Johnny Rolfes, has created a series of mini-lessons in Spanish and English. We want to thank Johnny and the staff at AMC for sharing these tools, which can be adapted to work in other FL districts. Each title will open a zipped file that contains a mini-lesson and supporting documents.

The list of available mini-lessons was revised on September 15, 2014.

Polk County MEP

Check out a mini-lesson that Polk uses with their welcome bags for OSYs. It is basic but it has been useful in Polk county.

Collier County MEP

We are pleased to share a PowerPoint prepared by the Collier County MEP staff regarding "to join" moves. To join moves are those where the child or the worker do not travel at the same time in order to seek or obtain qualifying work. We want to thank the Collier County staff, particularly Ms. Maricela Pineda and Ms. Jenny Cruz, for sharing this file.

Volusia County MEP

As part of their ongoing communication and quality control efforts, the Volusia County MEP developed sample letters for parents with information regarding initial interviews, end of eligibility, and results of a re-interview. The Volusia MEP agreed to share these samples with other districts. Thank You!

Please use these as a model to develop similar letters at the districts. The language and format of these letter was reviewed by the ID&R Office. Please contact us for more information or concerns.

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