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Collier County Migrant Education Program

Dr. Tammy Caraker
Associate Superintendent
School and District Operations
Collier County Public Schools
5775 Osceola Trail
Naples, Florida 34109
Phone: 239-377-0576
Fax: 239-377-0163

Marlene Dimas
Coordinator, ESSA Programs
Phone: 239-377-1967 (direct)
Fax: 239-377-0561

Maricela Pineda
Federal Grants Specialist
Federal, State and Competitive Grants - Collier County Public Schools
Federal Programs Building
616 South 5th Street
Immokalee, FL 34142
Phone: 239-377-0560 (mainline)
Fax: 239-377-0561

Link to: Collier County Public Schools Website

The 2018 Collier County Qualifying Activity Chart can be used to assist in corroborating information during ID&R interviews/re-interviews.


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