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Our Mission

The Florida Identification & Recruitment Office (ID&R Office) works directly with the Florida Migrant Education Program (FMEP) at the state Department of Education to disseminate current and accurate MEP guidance, to ensure the proper training of FMEP staff throughout the state, and to assist with determinations in the area of ID&R.


Fall 2016 e-Letter

So What's New?

Topics include:

  1. Implementation Strategies Meeting
  2. New Staff in the ID&R Office
  3. Updated ID&R Manual
  4. Revised Re-Interview Form
  5. Hotline Promotional Materials
  6. Qualifying Activities Chart
  7. Preschool Initiative Directory

Outline of Florida with Migrant Education logo and the words Florida ID&R Office

OSY Personal Learning Plan Tools

The Florida MEP participated in a pilot to test out learning plan materials developed by the OSY consortium for out-of-school (OSY) service providers.
Although the pilot has ended, we encourage districts to continue using these tools.

Youth signing papers at registration table

Question of the Month

News from OME

Read our responses to your questions regarding ID&R.

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Legislation, Regulations, Tools, and Guidance
U.S. Department of Education Seal

2016 ID&R Statewide Training Event - Recap

The ID&R Office hosted a statewide training in Orlando, FL on April 19-20, 2016. Over 140 attendees representing 26 LOAs, the State MEP office, FMIP, USF HEP/CAMP, New York MEP, and community organizations. The event featured presentations on re-interviews, temporary employment, new recruiter and advanced recruiter training, eligibility determinations, COE and OSY Profile completion, immigration updates, human trafficking, HEP/CAMP & OSY services, and new advocacy tools. read more...

Resources for Out-of-School Youth

New life skills lessons on Legal Rights are now available. We want to remind districts that our office has this new series as well as a number of other educational materials specifically developed for OSY. Please use the "Submit questions..." link to the left to send in your order. read more...

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