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Our Mission

The Florida Identification & Recruitment Office (ID&R Office) works directly with the Florida Migrant Education Program (FMEP) at the state Department of Education to disseminate current and accurate MEP guidance, to ensure the proper training of FMEP staff throughout the state, and to assist with determinations in the area of ID&R.

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Legislation, Regulations, Tools, and Guidance
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Educational and Advocacy Resources

Check out this useful tool that lists Educational and Advocacy Resources for our migrant community. (updated Sept. 2017)

Nutrition Assistance

Important information from the Department of Children and Families about the Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (D-SNAP) for Florida

2018 ID&R Statewide Training Event - Recap

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The ID&R Office hosted a statewide training in Orlando, FL on February 27-28, 2018 for approximately 120 attendees representing 27 LOAs, the State MEP office, and other stakeholders. The event featured presentations on COE completion, prospective re-interviews, ID&R and services for H-2A workers and out-of-school youth, MSIX for recruiters, eligibility scenarios, update on the ID&R Manual, and news on the effects of Hurricane Irma on Florida agriculture. read more...

Resources for Out-of-School Youth

The FL ID&R Office now has available a self-guided instructional webinar on how to create a student learning plan with your out-of-school (OSY) youth. read more...

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