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Identification and Recruitment

Identification and Recruitment (ID&R) means locating and contacting a family/youth in order to ascertain a child or youth’s eligibility for the migrant education program (MEP).

As indicated in the Guidance, ID&R activities are critical because:

  • The children who are most in need of program services are often those who are the most difficult to find.
  • Many migrant children would not fully benefit from school, and in some cases would not attend school at all, if SEAs did not identify and recruit them into the MEP. This is particularly true of the most mobile migrant children who may be more difficult to identify than those who have settled in a community.
  • Children cannot receive MEP services without a record of eligibility.

U.S. Department of Education, Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, Office of Migrant Education, Non-Regulatory Guidance for the Title I, Part C Education of Migratory Children, Washington, D.C., 2010. (Chapter III: Identification & Recruitment)

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